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The Margan Family Distillery

The home of high quality rakia

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The Margan family distillery is a small family distillery from south Banat, 15 kilometres from Belgrade.

From our assortment we offer several types of high quality fruit rakias (brandys), in recent years the ''Banat Calvados'' has stood out as one of the best quality spirits in the country and the region.


The Queen and King of this soil are certainly wheat and corn that are sovereign in the realm with the help of close relatives of sunflower, turnip, soy and other family members. The Princess, the Apple, occupies a distinguished place in the family of Banatski treasures.

Many remember the time when the corn was picked manually and brought to the barn with the cart. As children, we would be in a hurry to help unload the carts as soon as possible because we knew that under the golden corn clips we had a prize waiting: the ripe rosy apples.

Those who were more skilled at trading would wait for grandpa at the entrance to the village and sell apples for corn.

The apple was a source of health and a treat. The English have a saying that reads: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away ". The Spaniards and the French begin the day with a small glass of Calvados.

In Banatu, we begin the day with a small glass of Banatski Calvados. We start Sunday lunch with Banatski Calvados, and after that, the soup comes and, uh, “rinflajš“, and we end up with a strudle.


The founder of the distillery is Petar Margan, father Strahinja, Uroš and Lazar who are now successfully managing the family business.

Margan Plus, Ive Kurjačkog 12, Pančevo
Tel +381 62 826 7415
Bank account 325-9500700039911-63
Company ID 64607677
VAT no 110045082
e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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