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Calvados is a famous French brandy, from the region of Normandy and Brittany. It is very similar to the cognac for its quality and its reputation.
Rakija - Banatski Kalvados
Rakija - Banatski Kalvados
Rakija - Banatski Kalvados
Rakija - Banatski Kalvados

Banat Calvados

3290,00 din.
Manufactured from high quality domestic apple varieties, according to specific procedures, has been aged for several years in oak barrels.

Banat Calvados is a noble drink made from the selected varieties of carefully nurtured healthy apples.

The quality of "Banat Calvados" has been recognized in numerous national and European competitions and fairs in Prague, Bratislava, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Novi Sad and Belgrade in the past years, where it won gold and silver medals

Bottled in bottles of 0.7 L.

Alcohol proof: 41%

Blend/Age: 3-7 years

If you need larger quantities, please contact us.

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