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Calvados is not only apple rakia

Šta je kalvados

Calvados is a famous French brandy, from the region of Normandy and Brittany. It is very similar to the cognac for its quality and its reputation.

Calvados is consumed between meals, served in long cups, sometimes with apple juice in order to revive appetite. Calvados can be consumed as an aperitif, in cocktails, as a digestive or with coffee.

This far-renowned symbol of French alcohol without doubt falls into the most perfect strong alcoholic beverages in the world.


The apples are squeazed according to a traditional recipe, and the resulting juice is poured into glass tanks. Fermentation starts naturally and lasts between seven and eight months to remove all sugar from the juice. After that, the juice is well prepared for the distilation. After the distilation, it is placed in an oak barrel, for the stoage and aging. The tree gives its tannins to the distilled fluid, making it acquire certain properties, but also a mild amber color.


In the exact same way, our Calvados is also made according to the original recipe. Its specificity is that it is made from a variety of the finest domestic apples that were grown in the black soil of Banat. They were carefully chosen to get irresistible and unique taste.

The added value of Banatski Kalvadosa is that we are not here to be the a major factor of mass production with the goal of taking over the market. We are here to be a part of your enjoyment and hedonism, part of your important life victories and achievements that will add special flavor to the already selected words as you say a toast.

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